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A. Reatti scientific activity started after his M.S. degree (October 13, 1988) and was oriented to quality target rather than quantity ones, developing researches involving industries.
The first field investigated was resonant switching converters, a few papers were written. These papers, even if written in Italian have been requested by several researcher of foreign Universities and research laboratories.
These research activities show that “quasi resonant” power converter, largely investigated at that time, are actually “resonant” converter with a low quality factor and therefore the research activity on “resonant” converter is increased as shown by papers
A1 refereed on international book and requested by researchers of foreign Universities
B8 refereed on international book;
B11 refereed on international book.
Also optimization of PWM converters which are widely utilized in industrial production is among the interested of A.R. research, see paper 15 which as been refereed in international journal papers by Boston MIT researchers and requested by researchers of foreign Universities.
The activity was developed along with foreign researcher and allows A.R. to by work as “Research Associate” at Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, USA. The work done ove there completely satisfied the local referrer Prof. M. K. Kazimieczuk and cooperation with him last several years, on topics such as high frequency power inductor and transformers. Several journal and conference papers are written (
Journal Papers) (Conference Papers
), as examples, see:
A4 refereed in international journals;
A8 refereed in internationa tutorials at Boston MIT;
B15 refereed in international journals;
B25 refereed in international journals;
B26 refereed in international journals.
An aplication of resonant converter is represented by HID lamp Ballasts , see
A6 refereed in international journals;
B29 presented at the annual meeting of Virginia Power Electronic Center.
At this center A.R. was working at time an Italian student which A.R. was able to find a Grant by Magnetek Co.
PWM converter has been studied also by using numerical and symbolic analysis techniques developed for switching converter, see paper
A10 referred as on of the fundamental papers for the “Circuit Theory” at the Maryland University and selected among Western European “significant papers” for PWM circuit control theory.
The reasearch activity is testified by more than 50 journal and conference papers (among them 7 are single author papers and 15 have been refereed). Several papers which are not single author papers have been written in cooperation with foreigner researchers.

Interntional Duties

2007 Responsable for an international cooperation Porject under a granto on fthe Italian Ministery of Environment. Hybrid Electro-Thrmal power generation with solar concentration.

Associate Editor
2002 - 2003. Power Electronics for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and System;
Guest Editor
1994/95 two Special Issues on “Power Electronics” for “Journal on Circuits, Systems, and Computers” published by World Scientific (along with Prof. A. Liberatore);
Technical Committee on Power Electronics and Power Systems per IEEE Circuits and Systems Society 1996-97;
Session 2L7 – Power Electronics during ISCAS’97. International conference on Circuits and Systems, Hong Kong, June 9 – 12 1997;
Session R14 – Power Electronics I during ECCTD’99, European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, Stresa, Italy August 29– September 2, 1999;

Reviewer for IEEE Journals and Conferences:
Since 1992
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

“Technical Committee” Member

National Duties

2006-2008 National Referee of the Research Program under the MIUR Grant
2002. National Referee of the Research Program under the MIUR Grant
Study Design and Optimization of a Modular Photovoltaic Module Provided with a Solar Concnetrator, Heat Recovery System and DC-AC converter

Scuola Nazionale Dottorandi di Elettrotecnica “Ferdinando Gasparini”, Gruppo Nazionale di Elettrotecnica January 30-31, 2001, 30-31 Seminar “Sui più recenti Problemi riguardanti i Circuiti Elettronici di Potenza”.

Member of the Technical Board of “CREAR” Research Center certified by MIUR

Since february 1, 2005, Member of the Technical Board of “CREAR” Research Center certified by MIUR Inter disciplinary Center for resarches on renewable power sources Member of Ph.D. Coordination Committes

Since January 25, 2005, Member of “Consiglio dei Docenti del Dottorato in Energetica e Tecnologie Industriali”;
Since 2002 until 2005 Member of “Consiglio dei Docenti per il Dottorato di Ricerca in Elettronica” dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze.

Confirmed Associate Professor
Since February 1, 2004, “Professore Associato Confermato”, at University Of Florence, School of Engineering;

National Referee of the Research Program under the MIUR Grant
2002. National Referee of the Research Program under the MIUR Grant
Time charge 865 hours (equivalent to 6 months per year).
Research duration 24 month.
Research Unit Involved : Firenze, Bologna, Salerno.
Grant Amount: 133.800 Euro
Grant delivered by MIUR: 93.000 Euro
Grant deliver by University of Floence: 40.800 Euro
Responable for the following Grants
2005 Chief for the convention about the studing and definition of a total quality management system for Azienda sanitaria locale ASL10 – Grant amount: 25.000,00 Euro;

2003. Technical chief (Scientific Chief related, Prof. Ing. A. Liberatore) of a research convention, with the Irmie Impianti s.r.l Society. Titled: “STUDING, OPTIMIZATION AND SUPPLÌ OF A PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM” – Grant amount: 103.291,38 Euro

2002. Teaching Chief , together with others colleagues of Italian and Foreign national Universities of a convention (Scientific Chief related, Prof. Ing. A. Liberatore) with Magnetek S.p.A. titled TRAINING AND UPPGRADING COURSE IN THE FIELD OF POWER SUPPLY DESIGN ENGINEERING. Grant amount: 122.000.000 Lire

Since 1990, for 15 years, research activity in collaboration with Magnetek, S.p.A. - Valdarno - Arezzo, as responsible of the activity related to the definition, design and optimization of switching power supply.

Since 1999 Quality System Chief of the Certification and Tarature Laboratory CETACE – of “Firenze Tecnologie S.p.A.” – Azienda Speciale della Camera di ommercio di Firenze (Florence Market Chamber)